Been a photographer for as long as I can remember

Photography has been a passion for me for years. From sitting in a darkroom watching that magical moment of an image appearing right in front of you, and your heart skipping a beat as it seems to overexpose.

To the new digital age.

It's a completely new world. With film we were very careful, as a roll of film had only 36 exposures (and yes there were shorter lengths) My camera then could shoot ten frames a second! Thats 3.6 seconds for a roll of film. So a lot more thought went into the shoot.

In this digital age we can just hold the shutter button and fire away, and if we are not careful, we lose the creativity, we start taking pictures, instead of making them. Before we know it, it’s quantity rather than quality.

As Ansel Adams famously said “You don't take a photograph, you make it.”

The magic is in the creation of something beautiful, and also in capturing that fleeting split second in time.

Please enjoy my work. Comments are appreciated.